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Flexible seaweed.

The lagoon remodel is more or less complete now. Still some tweaks and things to add, it's an ongoing process, the current version on Steam has the remodelled lagoon in it.

There's a lot more detail in the rocks. It's been a difficult exercise keeping the frame rate high while improving the overall appearance. It's very easy to improve the look by adding loads of texture detail but it's also very easy to make the VR frame rate nose dive.

More detail has been added to the underwater structures and improvements made to the textures.

We now have flexible seaweed that sways back and forth. You can also push it out of the way as you go past. A very nice addition this one, especially in the big kelp forests when you swim through them. It's segmented but you hardly notice, the number of segments is at the minimum necessary to create the illusion which helps keep the physics calculations simple - there is rather a lot of bendy seaweed in it now so keeping it simple is essential to the frame rate.

We're experimenting at the moment with a way of having thousands upon thousands of fish shoaling together. So far it's working with no textures which looks fine from a distance but not so convincing close up. Once textured materials are used the frame rate starts to drop quite quickly as more fish are added to the shoal, so we're still exploring ways of getting around this problem.